Press Statement on Trump Administration's Public Charge Rule

via NAKASEC, our National Affiliate & the Value our Families Coalition


August 12, 2019 

Washington, DC - Value Our Families, a national coalition of organizations seeking to strengthen the U.S. family-based immigration system, issues the following statement in response to today’s announcement by the Trump Administration on final changes to the public charge rule. NAKASEC is a co-convener of Value Our Families.

The changes to the public charge criteria will go into effect 60 days after formal publication scheduled August 14, 2019.

Grace Pai, Director of Value Our Families, states:

“The Trump Administration’s racist crusade against people of color manifested again today with the final announcement on public charge rules. The attempts to separate families by blocking family sponsorship creates a tsunami of fear in our communities, ultimately affecting every resident in our country, regardless of immigration status.

“This public charge rule will likely result in many denials of green card applications as it views all immigrants  negatively except  the wealthiest and healthiest. Recent emails from Stephen Miller reveal what we have long known: the public charge rule is in effect a ban on families, with the singular goal of cutting immigration levels of people of color to the United States. Family-based immigration will be hit hardest by the rule, likely impacting heavily the parents of U.S. citizens, elderly or low-income immigrants, and people with disabilities or health conditions.  

“We need policies that do not demonize immigrants but seek to build healthy, safe and prosperous communities. We call on Members of Congress to speak up against Trump’s anti-family attempts and help us pass the Reuniting Families Act as a real solution to strengthen our family-based immigration system.”

For press inquiries, please contact Value Our Families: / 202.787.1813.

Value Our Families is a national coalition of organizations seeking to strengthen the U.S. family-based immigration system. Visit:



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