Community Education

computer skills training

HANA Center's Community Technology Center (CTC) serves over about 1,200 low-income and immigrant populations who face numerous barriers to computer access and require substantial technology training. Public access to the CTC is free of charge including printing, internet access, and technical support from the CTC staff. Since January of 2009, HANA Center has been certified with Internet and Computing Core Certification (IC3), which allows HANA Center to train low-income and/or immigrant populations with the necessary training to become skilled at computers. HANA Center has also supported Benchmark and Mentor, online training tools for students to identify digital literacy levels. We have developed effective self-paced training along with free classes taught in English. HANA Center has two high-tech computer labs which are connected to Internet and printers.

esl/civics/Citizenship Classes

The mission of ESL/Civics/Citizenship classes is to reduce barriers for immigrants and low income families with limited English proficiency to achieve equal opportunity in life. Our citizenship classes provide immigrants with not only languages skills, but also practical information and the confidence they need to navigate U.S. society and eventually improve the quality of their lives. Currently, we offer four levels of ESL/Civics classes: basic (level I and level II) and intermediate (level III and level IV). Curriculum at all levels combines practical English language skills with content about U.S. institutions, rights, and civics, such as: becoming a citizen, finding a job, communicating on the job, finding housing, understanding the school system, using transportation, accessing health care, understanding U.S. government, basic U.S. history, and others.

Language Classes

HANA Center offers various language classes including English, Korean, and Spanish. HANA Center believes that culture and language are deeply intertwined and believe that language can become a tool to empower.

cultural arts

We provide Root East, Root West, multi-disciplinary arts, and cultural programming targeting underserved communities in the arts, including the Korean American community in the Chicago metropolitan area. Programming includes workshops in various visual arts, performances, and exhibitions of contemporary and traditional art forms in multiple media, and summer youth art camp. HANA Center views the arts as a vital component of a vibrant and healthy community. The Christmas tree decoration at the Museum of Science and Industry by our senior craft class is one of Root East, Root West's annual project.