HANA Center Calls On Congress To Do Their Job

November 3, 2017

Nayoung Ha, HANA Center, nha@hanacenter.org

HANA Center Calls On Congress To Do Their Job

Yesterday, President Trump met with Senate Republicans and they decided against attaching the DREAM Act or any DACA fix to the year-end spending bill. When Trump ended the DACA program, he put the onus on Congress to deliver a solution. It is becoming clear that they do not want to protect our young people. This is morally bankrupt and unacceptable.

What kind of government throws away its young people and its future? The U.S. Congress has a responsibility to provide a legislative solution for the 800,000 young Americans whose lives have been destabilized by the ending of the DACA program. The clock is ticking, and every day that Congress does not act, nearly 1,000 undocumented youth previously covered by DACA will lose their protected status.

We remind all Members of Congress on both sides of the aisle that it is their job to represent the will of the American people. 80% of Americans support a permanent solution for our young people. HANA Center, NAKASEC, and the Korean Resource Center demand that a clean DREAM Act is passed NOW, by the end of this year, and not one minute later. Our youth cannot and should not wait one more day.

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